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Edit Task GUI


The Edit Task GUI is where you set the methods of the open task of the selected jobs. You open it by clicking the "Edit Task" button, when you have at least one job selected. The three "pipelines" (object, snout and whisker) are represented in red, green and blue, corresponding to the colors used elsewhere in the BWTT.

If you click "OK", all selected jobs will have their open task set to use the selected methods. If they already have an open task, you will be warned, and then their open task will be modified. If they do not, a new task will be created. If you click "Cancel", no action will be taken.


Pre-processing Methods

You can select zero or more pre-processing (pp) operations. On Windows, use CTRL+click to select multiple items. On Mac, use APPLE+click, perhaps?

NB: You can control the order in which the pp operations are applied. The order in which you select the methods with the mouse controls the order that the methods are listed in the GUI which, in turn, controls the order in which the methods are applied to the video frame at run-time. If you only select one pp method, order is of course not important.

NB: To unselect the last pre-processing method (i.e. to turn off pre-processing), use CTRL+click (or APPLE+click).

Detection Method

Select one detection method, or (do nothing).

Tracking Method

Select one tracking method, or (do nothing).