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I get the error Undefined function or method 'st...' ...

Check that your Matlab path is set correctly. All folders under the framework folder must be on your Matlab path.

I get the error Function ... does not take N arguments, or something similar

Have you recently upgraded to the latest version of the BWTT? If so, please check that all folders from any previous versions that you still have installed have been removed from the Matlab path.


I get the error Cannot use stShapeSpaceKalman unless Spline Toolbox is installed

Either, you don't have Matlab's Spline Toolbox installed, or stSSK is failing to detect it. Note that the Spline Toolbox was subsumed into the Curve Fitting Toolbox sometime around 2009 (I think), so for later versions (certainly R2010b or later) you need the Curve Fitting Toolbox. For debugging, the test used to detect the toolbox is isempty(which('fn2fm')).