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Displayed Menu


NB Items in this menu act on the "Displayed Job" - this refers to the single job marked with a double chevron in the jobs list. For more information, see the description of "Selected and Displayed" at Job List.

Job operations

Propagate Parameters

Propagate parameters from the Displayed Job to all other Selected Jobs. To use: select one job, the job from which to propagate; select additional jobs, the jobs to which to propagate. Then, select the menu item.

NB This menu item will do nothing unless more than one job is Selected.

NB The list of parameters to propagate will be empty if the Displayed Job has no parameters set.

Set Tag

Edit the user "tag" associated with the displayed job (this is the short bit of text displayed after the job filename in the job list). Shortcut: CTRL+T.

Preload Video

Preload every frame of the video associated with the displayed job. Assuming you have "Build Previews..." turned on in Preferences, this will make it much faster to navigate the associated video in future.

Show Error Message

When a job execution ends in an error, a red cross is displayed in the job list. Use this menu item to reveal what happened. Shortcut: CTRL+E.