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This tool prepares a set of videos for snout tracking by automatically finding the location of the snout in one frame, and setting that to be the key frame. It works best when the animal enters the frame from the same edge/location in all cases, since this makes the animal easy to find.


The from-scratch procedure is as follows. You should find it's simpler than this once you get used to it. This procedure is provisional and has not been tested - please let us know if it works for you, or doesn't.

* Select all jobs in the set of interest, then select Quick Edit : Snout Tracking (for example) to create a snout tracking task in each job. You can add a whisker tracking pipeline too, if you need to.

* Select any one representative job from the set, and parameterize that job, including nose tip and snout center, so that coolization has scale/orientation hints to get it started.

* Select all jobs in the set of interest, then select Displayed/Propagate Parameters from the menu - note that nose tip and snout center parameters do not propagate, so the remaining videos will still not have these parameters. Rather, you have propagated the other, generic, parameters that you chose.

* Select all jobs in the set of interest, then click the "A" button to set all these jobs to the whole frame range, or...

* ...or, if desired, go through the jobs one by one and set the frame range independently for each one.

* Select all jobs in the set of interest, then select stCoolization from the Tools menu.

* Jobs that are Coolized successfully will be marked as "parametrized" (the dark blue dot). Those without the dark blue dot did not Coolize; it might work if you try again with a lower success threshold (HCGF), or you can use manual initialisation for those clips.

* After Coolization completes, you are ready immediately to press Play to begin processing of the actual tracking.


Black/White threshold

Ideally, the luminance level that lies midway between the silhouette and the backlighting. Anywhere towards the middle of this range will do.

Template to Snout Error Distance

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Minimum goodness of fit (percentage)

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Frame step

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Show debug information

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