Fair Use of the BWTT

Recommendations for fair use of this software (FAIRUSE.txt)

Whilst this software is in the public domain, it is the outcome of a considerable investment of time and effort. You are therefore encouraged to give appropriate credit when publishing results that rely on its use.

1) Acknowledgement. The BWTT framework need not currently be cited. You may like to acknowledge its use either as "the BIOTACT Whisker Tracking Tool (http://bwtt.sourceforge.net)" or, if you have space, as "the BIOTACT Whisker Tracking Tool, an artefact of the EU Framework 7 Project BIOTACT 215910 (http://bwtt.sourceforge.net)".

2) Citation. Details of the appropriate citations for the particular methods that you have used will be provided when you export your results. You can review all current citation information at http://bwtt.sourceforge.net/fairuse.

3) Co-authorship. Some of the provided algorithms may be unpublished, and the authors may therefore request co-authorship of the first journal publication using their algorithm. This requirement will be highlighted when you export results which have been processed by such an algorithm. You may wish to contact an author in advance to discuss this requirement. Current requirements are listed at http://bwtt.sourceforge.net/fairuse.

Co-authorship Requirements

Below we list all of the methods that are currently unpublished, the use of which may therefore require you to offer co-authorship of your first publication making use of it to the method's author. You are strongly advised to contact the author in advance of using these methods.


The algorithm implemented here as "wtIgor" (for whisker tracking) is, as yet, unpublished. The author kindly requests co-authorship of the first journal publication using this algorithm. This requirement will be highlighted when you export results that rely on this algorithm. The author, Igor Perkon, can be reached at igor.perkon@gmail.com. This notice was current on the 5th July 2012.

Citation Information


Several methods are implementations of components of "ViSA". These include the following:

"ViSA" should be cited as follows.



Gyory G, Rankov V, Gordon G, Perkon I, Mitchinson B, Grant R, Prescott T.

An algorithm for automatic tracking of rat whiskers.

In: Proceedings of International Workshop on Visual Observation and Analysis of Animal and Insect Behavior (VAIB), in conjunction with ICPR 2010.

Istanbul, Turkey: VAIB, 2010.